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  Applications are now open for the 2023 RITEs in

Kiltegan from 26th - 30th July. Click here 

Applications are also open for the 2023 Initiator


Kiltegan from 26th - 30th July. Click here 



We are a group of men dedicated to the promotion of a strong and healthy male spirituality. We invite all men to join us on this great and mysterious journey towards a mature masculine spirituality. We affirm and support men seeking a life long connection with spiritual consciousness in order to transform themselves, and through their life experiences, their relationships, families, workplaces, communities and our environment.

Many men in today's society struggle to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Our programmes, events and resources provide men with opportunities to do their 'inner work' in the company of other men. We use ritual, image, story and council along with other ways of communicating to create safe environments where men can explore and discover their deeper selves and the true purpose of their lives.                                                

We provide spaces where;

  • Men can realise their innate need and longing for the support and nurture of other men
  • Men can share their emotions openly
  • Men can be vulnerable without being judged or shamed
  • Men can let go of those patterns and beliefs which no longer serve them

We seek to engender a generation of Men, who will act, As Learners and Elders [MALE's] in their life roles. We welcome all men without regard to age, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, status or creed. We aim to be inclusive; we are open to men of all faiths and none. We respect the individual beliefs of all men.

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